Governance & Bylaws

New SRO carries out its regulatory responsibilities under Recognition Orders from the provincial securities commissions that make up the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). New SRO is subject to oversight and regular operational reviews by CSA members. 

General By-laws 

Recognition Orders

New SRO’s Recognition Orders from each province’s securities regulator are listed here:

Restricted Fund

Money from fines and settlements is contributed to New SRO’s Restricted Fund, which New SRO uses to fund reasonable costs associated with the administration of New SRO’s investor office, investor advisory panel and hearing panels. New SRO may also use these funds for capital expenditures necessary to address emerging regulatory issues, education and research projects relevant to the investment industry, funding related to a whistleblower program, to fund non-profit, tax-exempt organizations focused on investor protection, or other uses authorized by the CSA.