Market Rules Advisory Committee (MRAC)

Specific Responsibilities

The committee reviews and makes recommendations to New SRO regarding policy initiatives related to the trading of securities. The reviews take place early in the development process and prior to submission to the Board. The reviews will consider whether the initiatives adequately address market integrity concerns and are practicable and cost-efficient from the perspective of Dealers, marketplaces and persons engaged in the trading of securities.


Membership in MRAC consists of:

  • Marketplace Representatives – A representative of each marketplace that has retained New SRO to be a regulation services provider. Where more than one marketplace operates within an affiliated group, only one representative of the group will sit on MRAC
  • Trading Representatives - Dealer Members employees (with particular emphasis on persons with trading supervisory responsibility or experience and at least one with a background in the trading of derivatives). The number of Trading Representatives may be equal to the number of Marketplace Representatives;
  • Institutional/Subscriber Representatives (maximum of 2) - Representatives of institutional investors, including clients with "direct market access" or subscribers to an alternative trading system.
  • Legal/Compliance Representatives (maximum of 3) - Representatives with experience or expertise in securities trading compliance matters (including: legal professionals with experience in advising dealers on regulatory compliance, professional advisers in securities regulatory compliance of accounting firms, dealer employees with senior compliance responsibilities and former employees of securities regulatory authorities or self-regulatory organizations).
  • Independent Representatives (at least 1; maximum of 3) - Individual who, while not a director, officer or employee of a Dealer Member has experience or expertise that would benefit the Committee.

Standing Members

  • President (or another officer of New SRO designated by the President);
  • A representative of the interests of retail investors; and Chair of the Board (or another member of the Board designated by the Chair of the Board)


2 year term with no limit on the number of terms

Nominating Process

  • Marketplace Representatives - Each marketplace that has retained New SRO to be a regulation services provider may nominate 1 member. Where more than one marketplace operates within an affiliated group, the affiliated group may nominate 1 member;
  • Trading Representatives and Legal/Compliance Representatives – Each Dealer Member may nominate 1 person in each category.
  • Institutional/Subscriber Representatives - Nominated by the Senior Vice-President, Market Regulation Policy or their designate.
  • Independent Representatives – Nominated by the Senior Vice-President, Market Regulation Policy or their designate

Appointment Process

The Vice-President, Market Regulation Policy will review all nominees and recommend appointments. The Senior Vice-President, Market Regulation will approve the appointments to the committee.

Chair and Vice-Chair

The Chair and Vice-Chair term is two years. Selection is made by the committee.

Meeting Schedule

MRAC will meet six times per year. All meetings will be at the call of the Vice-President, Market Regulation Policy. Special meetings may be called at the request of the Senior Vice-President, Market Regulation, the committee Chair, or the President and CEO.

Market Rules Advisory Committee

Name Organization
Michael Bain, Committee Member Questrade
Bryan Blake, Committee Member TriAct Canada Marketplace LP
Jean-Paul Bureaud, Committee Member FAIR Canada
Doug Clark, Committee Member TMX Group
Nicholas Comtois, Committee Member National Bank Financial Inc.
Celeste Evancio, Committee Member Richardson Wealth
Mark Faulkner, Committee Member Canadian Securities Exchange
Laura Garzon, Committee Member CIBC Capital Markets, Prime Services Group
Wayne Groom, Committee Member Tellico Group Ltd.
Andrew Jappy, Committee Member IRESS
Tara Kennedy, Committee Member Wealthsimple
Dan Kessous, Committee Member Nasdaq CXC Limited
Patrick McEntyre, Committee Member National Bank Financial Inc.
Lafleche Montreuil, Committee Member Desjardins Securities Inc.
Alexander Perel, Committee Member Scotia Capital Inc.
Kelly Reynolds, Committee Member Hillsdale Investment Management Inc
Jonathan Sherwin, Committee Member Instinet Canada Limited
Andrew Smith, Committee Member Virtu Financial Canada, ULC
Jonathan Sylvestre, Committee Member Tradelogiq
Kari Tavener, Committee Member Liquidnet Canada
Joacim Wiklander, Committee Member NEO Exchange Inc.
Mark Wilkinson, Committee Member Citadel Securities Canada ULC
Peter Wong, Committee Member CI Investment Services
Evan Young, Committee Member

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